Saturday, 24 December 2016

10 STEPS to Write a Master’s Level Assignment, Follow us at

An assignment is a task, duty or piece of work that is allocated to a particular or group of individual/s as a part of their work or course of study. When writing an assignment, one needs to be familiar with certain points that will help them acquire great results. Listed below are few tips on writing good assignments which will help you structure your work and achieve maximum credit. Before you submit your assignment, you can create a checklist of all the significant points listed below which will guide you in your all your endeavors.
These are the 10 steps you need to take when preparing your assignment:
  1. Read the question and, if you want, rewrite it in your own words for better understanding
  2. Check thoroughly if you have read all the questions and the sub-questions
  3. Make sure that you have understood the question and done all the clarifications
  4. Check the guidelines, assessment criteria and the marking grid
  5. Write a draft for your assignment with headings, sub-headings and key points in logical order
  6. Send your draft to someone knowledgeable for review before the submission date so that you will have time to edit
  7. For each section, make sure that your answers are backed up with evidence
  8. Search the internet and different resources for the evidence
  9. List all the resources and decide which referencing format to use which is according to the guidelines
  10. Summarize your findings and references and go through your assignment once again to avoid any grammatical errors

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