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Blogging has been a successful marketing tool in the recent times. It is a very effective way of connecting with your audience. Thousands of blogs are posted on everyday basis. But to attract traffic to your blog is indeed a difficult task. Implementing a few basic tips can do the trick and can gain traction to your blogs. 

1.      Identify your target audience
A blog cannot exist randomly. It needs to written specifically for a niche set of readers. This will make your blog unique and will help you distinguish yourself from the clutter of thousands of blogs. Identify your readers and assess what they enjoy reading the most. This will help you develop exceptional content specifically targeting your niche audience.

2.      Content is the king
Simply having a blog and posting casual stuff can be self-destructing. Content is the most crucial aspect of a blog. If your content is strong and benefits the readers in some way or the other, the blog will definitely become popular.

3.      Spice up your blog with images or videos
Plain text can sometimes be boring to read. Incorporate images and videos to make the blog interesting for readers. Visual images always create an impact on the readers.

4.      Use social media to promote the blog
Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be effectively used to share your blog posts. LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools for blog sharing. Promoting your post among professionals can definitely boost the popularity of your blog.

5.      Optimize your posts for SEO
SEO is one of the key tools to gain traction to your blogs. If you are determined to make full utilization of your blog, then you cannot miss the SEO. It is vital to provide fresh and relevant content regularly for SEO to work organically.

6.      Post regularly
The blogs should be regularly updated. Outdated and irrelevant content doesn’t do any good for your blog. Fresh and interesting content should be posted at least twice a week to keep the audience interested in your blog.

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