Sunday, 10 September 2017

How to use copywriting for Sales – Help from

Succeeding in the online sales industry is not an easy nor can be achieved in a day or week or month of preparation. It needs time and dedication initiating from building a brand, engaging the customers and proposing solutions that they are actually interested in. To support the above, you need professional copywriting that can sell your brand and your services.

The common rule for online sales through copywriting goes like this:

1.       Identify what you want to offer to your customers – product/service
2.       How will your product/service benefit the customer?
3.       Why will the customer trust you when it comes to buying your product/service?
4.       What will be your call to action?

Every copywriting script to build sales follows the SLAP rule. What is a SLAP rule?

S – Is the sales script grabbing the attention of the reader?
L – Are they looking for the script to how exactly it will be helpful for them?
A – Did your script lead to any action i.e. sharing/purchasing/etc
P – Did you script complete a transaction through creation of urgency?

If you script has followed the above rules, you will definitely start building your clientele and start selling.

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