Monday, 24 April 2017

How to avoid mistakes while writing a blog, follow us at

Writing a blog can be a stress a much as it seems to be fun. To write a perfect blog and make money out of it, the blog needs to be clear, concise and stuck to basics. We look at a few mistakes you could avoid while writing a blog.

·         Your topics are too broad.
Having vague topics to write about is not something that many people are comfortable reading. Writing in a particular framework helps a reader understand what you want to convey and what the blog is all about but having too many topics to write on makes the blog vague.

·         Not having an open mind
An open mind is a key to good writing. A tired and unclear mind won’t be of great help but of complete waste. It’s easier to write with a fresh mind and clear thought process because what you think is what you write.

·         Not understanding your audience
You need to understand the audience you want to cater to. Blogs are a niche product and reaching out to a niche or cult audience could help you make better use of your writing talents.

·         Lack of keywords
Keywords are the tunnels to success and the right keywords and proper management of it in your blog will only garner more traction to your blog. It is very important for you to write your blog with a number of keywords that you think are going to bring more traffic to your blog

·         Not engaging with the audience
The one mistake that bloggers usually do is not engaging with the user's section in the bottom of the blog. This kind of takes away the stickiness and the personal relationship the reader has with the blog. Responding to emails and comments could only take a blog a long way ahead.

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