Monday, 16 May 2016

Tips to write a good press release follow us at

A press release is a compelling public alert about product releases, events or other extraordinary company produces. It is a smart way to keep the industry well-versed of your company’s cutting-edge developments. To begin with, the headline of the press release is very important. The headline should be appealing as well as accurate. Beating around the bush can prove to be a major downfall for the press release as it would stop the public from flipping the page.

It is also imperative that the press release is grammatically correct. Repeated proofreading is a must to achieve perfection. Information provided must be as crisp and condensed. The release must be kept short, simple and smart. A page or two is the ideal limit for a press release. Relating with the audience is the key to a smart press release. The company’s contact information must be included at the end which gives the reader the liberty to contact the company freely to enquire more about the release. Good press releases have the facts along with coherent presentation. provides one of the best press writing services in Dubai. Kindly get in touch to know more.

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