Tuesday, 10 May 2016

How to Format Your Thesis follow us at http://writers.ae

Postgraduate thesis or dissertation could be one single most important document you fabricate in your entire career. While the original research you have done goes a long way in setting your fitness to get awarded with a post graduate degree, the presentation of your research in black and white can be a deal maker or deal breaker as well.

Hence, before you storm off to somehow finishing your paper, read along to learn some of the tips to format and submit your dissertation in a delicious way:
·         Good Font:
The thesis can be intense, in the sensory faculty that they usually go into hundreds of pages. Imagine if you were to go through such a document in an illegible font and in a size that is really uncomfortable to read, we really don’t think you would ever put yourselves through such an ordeal. The most standard thesis is written in Times New Roman, size 10 or 12 font.
·         Keep It Uniform:
Uniformity becomes kind of a big pot in a whopping piece of document like a post graduate thesis. Call up, whatever formatting style you adopt or have been prescribed, stick to it from the very start to the conclusion of the dissertation.
·         Arrange The Sources And Bibliography:
Probabilities are, by the time you are done assimilation every other supporting resources that you have employed in your research, the list of origins and references in going to run to tens of pages. In such event, it is perpetually recommended to keep path of all the references as you fail instead of casting them together in the closing. 
·         Educate Yourself About Plagiarism:

Plagiarism, even if somehow creeps into your thesis unintentionally, can cause havoc and can cost you your entire research. So before jumping into writing your dissertation, educate yourself as much as possible about what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it. 

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