Wednesday, 9 November 2016

How to start a career in Brand Management

For many, brand management and a career in brand management is a dream. Starting a career in the specific field may not be so tough after all. Most positions in this field require at least a Bachelor’s degree, with many giving inclination to candidates with a Master’s degree or higher. Because brand managers must show past success in marketing campaigns and coordinating team efforts, almost all positions require at least four years of work experience in the marketing field.

Most brand managers possess degrees in marketing, business, communications, or accounting, and a significant number of professionals in this position acquire multiple degrees in order to reinforce any required skills.

A brand manager should have working knowledge of finance, market research, marketing theories, marketing communication, and consumer behaviour.  Although a background in an information technology is usually not required, considering the importance of digital media in modern marketing, some basic knowledge of IT is recommended.

Many potential brand managers fulfil job prerequisites for advanced degrees with a Master’s in Business Administration.  There are  plethora of MBA diploma mills available online which possess varying degrees of legitimacy.  Although a credible advanced degree can be acquired from some of these online schools, it is important to research the industry’s acceptance from these programs.

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