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Types of Curriculum Vitae-follow us at

There are three types of CV's that candidates use to portray their accomplishments and expertise. To contemplate the range in people and their own experiences in the employment market, there are various CV formats that can be applied to each circumstances.

There are three main types of CV that you can use to endorse yourself, your skills and expertise to a prospective employer.

Chronological CV
The chronological CV is the most traditional and widely used format. This type of CV summaries your work and educational history and is best if you have stayed in the same career for most of your working life.

Use the chronological CV when:
  •  You have progressed in a field and are looking for promotion or better job options in the same field.
  • You have no breaks in your career history.
  • You want to give emphasis on where you have worked rather than what you have achieved.
  • You are staying in the same industry.

Functional CV-based)

This type of CV emphasis on and highlights the skills and achievements that you have gained throughout your working career irrespective of where and when you assimilated them. This is useful if you have gaps in your career or if want to change career completely
l CV (Skills-based)
Use the functional CV in the following when:
  • You want to change career fields.
  • You have gaps in your career history
  • You have little experience due to just starting out or just finishing college or university.
  • You want to show a prospective employer that you possess the required skills for the job even though you do not have relevant experience in that field.
Combination CV
The combination CV is a combination of the previous two formats. The combination CV should be used when you want to highlight both skills and achievements together with your impressive work history and education.

Your skills and achievements are listed first and these are then backed up by your work and educational experience, all in all leading to an exceptionally remarkable document. If you have gaps in your career or have changed jobs frequently, the functional CV would be best suitable.
Use the combination CV when:
  • You want to show that not only do you have the right skills for the job but also the work experience to support.
  • You want to emphasise skills that you may not have used for a while.
  • You would have used a chronological CV but want to highlight your skills too.
  • You are applying for managerial or executive positions.
  • You have plenty of experience in the chosen field.
  • You need to "fill out" your CV
Whichever type of CV you choose to employ, remember that the data displayed should be set out and delivered in a clean, concise and easy to understand manner. The speech style should be punchy and the text should be full of activity-packed verbs.

Try to employ as many facts and human bodies as possible to punt up and furnish evidence of your accomplishments and achievements, and above all do not say anything negative or lie along your CV.

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