Sunday, 17 April 2016

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A business plan is a vital roadmap essential for any type of business. It states the goals, objectives, strategies and the future plans of the organisation. But why is a business plan extremely important for every organisation? 

1.       Starting a new business
Whenever you intend to start a business, the first step towards achieving that goal is to develop a business plan. It needs to be well structured and carry all the essential information towards reaching that goal.

2.       To raise finance from banks or investors
A business plan is an important document for raising capital either from the bank or the investors. It is a means of convincing the lender why they should finance you. The lenders are risking their time and money, hence they need to make sure your business is sound and profitable.

3.       Launching a new product
If you are planning to launch a new product, you need to develop a sound business plan to gauge the success of the product.

4.       Sharing the vision of the company with the employees
The employees of an organisation should be aware of the goals, objectives and strategies of the company. A business plan will help them better understand the vision of the company.

5.       Planning to sell the company

If you are planning to wind up and sell the company, a business plan needs to be developed which can help the buyer gain a better perspective of the company.

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