Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Tips to write a good e-book

If you have been blogging for a while, you must have definitely thought about writing your own e-book. Publishing your own book is tedious as well as expensive. E-book is a cost-effective way of fulfilling your publishing dream. It might look easy launching an e-book but writers commit serious mistakes while writing their e-book. These tips might come in handy while drafting a good e-book.

1.       Choose a topic in which you have vast knowledge and expertise
Choosing a topic with very little knowledge can be dangerous. You might think it will entice your readers, but it will require extensive research. It is a time consuming process and you might not end up procrastinating and losing interest in the subject.

2.       Think from the point of view of the reader
Write what the reader wants to read, not what you want them to read. Understand the pulse of the audience and customize the content as per their interests.  

3.       Plan before you start writing
Every e-book requires detailed planning. All the content that needs to be included in the e-book needs to be well researched and planned. You just can’t start writing without any plan.

4.       Research well on the chosen topic
Even though you might have expertise in the topic, you still need to conduct extensive research regarding the same. It will help you view the same content with a new perspective. 

5.       Keep yourself motivated
It is easy to lose motivation mid-way while writing your e-book. Hence, you need to keep yourself motivated and avoid any sort of procrastination. Keep internal deadlines and religiously adhere to it.

6.       Hire an editor
It is always better to hire a professional editor to proof read your e-book. You might be a good writer, but you may easily fail to correct or edit your own mistakes in the document.

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